Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eljen GSF shallow soils system


Eljen GSF 
shallow soils system

these pics are to assist you in understanding the layout / construction of a Eljen GSF system on sites with less than 20" to the limiting zone (sites that do not support the use of a sand mound)... they are not step by step instructions... they are just a visual aid... please call us before you bid or start a job... we'll guide you!

30 Eljen GSF modules loaded... light weight and easy to handle...

one Eljen GSF B43 module is 3 foot wide x 4 foot long... 7 inches thick...

one module... 15 lbs

sand is laid out in a long narrow bed… typically 4 - 5 foot wide… 120 - 150 feet long

Eljen GSF modules lay out in following the contour

modules only take a few min to layout

end cap hole...

pipe in a pipe thing (don't try to figure out why) 4" end cap with hole drilled slips over pressure line... 4" SDR 35 (or better) then slides over pressure pipe... the holes in the pressure pipe are drilled UP... please call with hole spacing questions BEFORE your drill! — in Romansville, Pennsylvania.

the 4" end cap (with hole drilled near the bottom) slips over the pressure line... then the 4" SDR 35 slides over too... — in Romansville, Pennsylvania.

center manifold… 4' end caps with hole drilled between pressure line and 4" line

pressure line and 4 inch end cap... manifold does not get sleeved in 4 inch... use hole saw to drill at base of the end cap... chalk / seal

long, single lateral above grade trench…

piping is one long lateral

long narrow bed… this one serves a church with a daycare facility

clean outs remain the same just sleeved un 4 inch pipe

timer panel on post next to dose / pump tank... can be mounted on house wall, basement or crawl space...

looking down into the dose / pump tank... no float tree... no alarm float

timer panel diagram... easier in person than on paper!

more diagram... no floats! no alarm... again easier in person than on paper...

we'll be bringing all this with us.... transducer and cord on the right...

the cord gets pulled up from the bottom ALL the way until the bell "seats" into the "t"

... like this

that all gets attached to the riser... bottom of the transducer bell should be about an inch above the top of the pump...

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